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Celebrations of Life

Time to Offer the Story of a Much Loved Life

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Funerals & Celebrations of Life

Funerals cause us all to think about life.  We live and we is inevitable.  And upon our death we should hope there will be a time where all who loved us gather for a time of remembrance
And it is a time to grieve...not necessarily the beginning nor the end, but a step in the path

Image by Noah Silliman

Grief and Grieving

There is no standard plan for how you will experience the pain of loss.  It is okay to cry and it is okay to laugh. It is okay to be angry at your loss and it is okay to be happy.  A funeral or celebration of a life well lived is an important step in the grieving process

Image by Katherine Hanlon

Nondenominational ~ Spiritual ~ Religious

A moment to remember your loved one needs to acknowledge who they were and reflect their beliefs, a moment to acknowledge their life and the importance of their life well lived

Celebrations of Life: Services
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