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Another Year…and What a Year it Was!

This was the year of Emily…and Emilee…throw in a few Laurens and a Caitlyn/Kaitlyn or two! And each was a joy to work with.

Every couple is unique but each shares so much in common: joy and happiness, hope and promise, laughter and, of course, LOVE.

It is difficult to say, “This…this was a highlight…” I married several couples who had known each other for years, who had become a part of each other’s families. I performed weddings in backyards, in community halls, overlooking lakes, and my favourite spot, one of the most beautiful golf courses in Kawartha Lakes, Black Diamond Golf Course. I love working with couples to make their ceremony exactly what they wish. I love watching as you walk down the aisle, escorted by parents or grandparents or that person who means so much to you. I love sharing this moment with you, reminding you to breathe, to look at your family and friends, to look at each other, to make and keep these memories.

Was there a highlight? Yes. This year I had the honour to marry a couple, M & T. I’ve known M’s parents since I was in high school. They are best friends of my sister and her husband. I remember when M was born. She, her brother and my own nephews were raised like siblings.

Oh yes, this was very personal. Watching M walk up the aisle with her Mom and Dad on either side, asking the question, “Who brings M, with love and support, as she marries T today?”

Two of my oldest friends, that’s who. And it was all I could do to not choke up.

One of the reasons I only perform one wedding a day is I feel a true sense of joy performing ceremonies. I feel if I had to leave to rush to another wedding it would feel like I’m losing that moment, rushing to the next ”job”…please know, this is not my job, it is my joy ♥️

Photo Credit: DJ Steve, from DJ Concepts

Scenery Credit: Black Diamond Golf Course

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