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Thank You!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Getting ready for wedding season, in some ways, reminds me of getting ready to go back to school. I start with a trip to my local office supply store to get my new calendar book, box of pens, new supply of parchment paper.

Next I organize my files moving last year’s ceremonies to an archive folder. I always take some time to read through past ceremonies, most written by me but several with an additional line or quote or comment provided by couples This always makes me smile as I remember our meeting and remember the ceremonies

And then I take a moment to read again the Thank You cards from couples. It’s like reading your report cards…a comment invokes a memory, a memory invokes a smile. After reading them, I file these cards safely away, like a treasure that they are. I don’t want my wedding “business” to ever become a “business”. A wedding day is an important life milestone, probably the most important day in your life, to that point. I am truly honoured that you have chosen me to be a part of your day. Your smiles, your tears, your thanks and these cards…it will never be a business for me ❤️

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